This page lists frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please submit your question through the button below.

What exactly can NExS do for me?


NExS is useful if you have spreadsheet models that you'd like to share with others, without having to share the actual spreadsheet itself. Why would you want to do that? Several reasons:

  1. You occasionally need to update your spreadsheet model, and need to make sure that the folks who are using it have the latest version. With a NExS web app, you update your spreadsheet model once and you're done. Everyone has the latest version, instantly.
  2. Your spreadsheet model contains data that needs to be kept private. With NExS, your spreadsheet model is housed on a secure server, and users can only see the data you want them to see.
  3. You don't want users to change your spreadsheet formulas. With NExS, you not only control the data that users can see, you also control which cells can accept new values. Users can't see or modify the formulas behind your spreadsheet model, or change the values in any cells unless you've said it's OK..
  4. You don't want your users to have to purchase or install spreadsheet software to use your app. With NExS, you only need spreadsheet software to create the app, not to use it. All that NExS requires is a web browser.
  5. You want a good user experience. Using traditional spreadsheets on mobile devices with small screens is a pain. With NExS, designing an app that looks and works great on a mobile device is a breeze.


I can easily share spreadsheets with Google docs. Why do I need NExS?


Google Sheets is spreadsheet software that runs in a web browser. There are a number of reasons that you may not want to use spreadsheet software to provide access to your app, as articulated above. If you simply want a spreadsheet that can be shared and accessed collaboratively, use Google Sheets. With NExS, you are not sharing a spreadsheet. You are using the formulas that you've built into your spreadsheet to quickly and easily deploy a scalable and secure web application without any programming. If you need to update your models, just fix them in your spreadsheet and redeploy. It's that simple.



I need to collect the data that my users enter into my NExS apps. How do I do that?


When you deploy your apps using "individual" or "team" login mode, there will be a download button on your NExS console to download the data in CSV format.



Could I use NExS to build a "smart form" for data collection?

Yes. Just deploy your app in "individual" or "team" login mode, and email the link to all of your users. Any data that they enter into the app will be immediately available for you to download.



I understand "individual" and "team" login mode. When would I use "open access" mode?

Open access is useful for deploying a calculator that you build as a spreadsheet model that you want to deploy openly for users to do "what if" analyses on a web page. Examples might be a mortgage calculator, a pricing sheet, a retirement calculator, etc.



Can I use all the features of Excel in my NExS app?

No. NExS can handle most spreadsheet formulas that you build and Excel, so many spreadsheets can be converted to NExS apps with no modification. NExS can automatically generate web pages that look just like your Excel worksheets. At this time, NExS can't automatically handle advanced Excel features like pivot tables and charts. If there is a feature or function that you need that NExS doesn't support, please submit it in our feedback form.



Do I have to have Excel to create my NExS app?

No. Any spreadsheet software that supports the Office Open XML standard (.XLSX files) can be used. Excel, Open Office, Google Sheets and others all support this format.



How do I Create and Deploy a new web app?

Learn how to create and deploy apps through our tutorial found here.