We offer a variety of pricing plans to meet your needs: 

pricing tiers.png
  • The Basic plan is best for trying out NExS. There is no monthly fee, and you can create, edit, and preview as many apps as you like at no cost. If you choose to deploy an app, the cost is $10 per month.

  • The Office plan is best for most small offices. In addition to the features of the Basic plan, it includes up to 10 deployed apps at no additional cost. In addition, you have access to NExS.app, a convenient way to specify your app configuration directly in your spreadsheet. NExS.app also provides access to advanced user interface, features, such as charts and sliders.

  • The Professional plan is best for web designers who wish to have more creative control, and organizations that need to manage access to apps. The Professional plan provides all the features of the Office plan, plus and extended API, managed access controls, and support for cross origin resource sharing (CORS).

  • The Enterprise plan provides a private NExS server for your enterprise with all the features of the Professional plan, plus federated ID management and unlimited apps.