Showing your existing customers how they can use other products and services your business offers can be an inexpensive way to increase both profit and customer loyalty.

Our Phone Service Demo shows how NExS apps can communicate how to optimize the use of your product or service by giving your customers the ability to input their unique business case.  

Traditionally, creating these tools required programming abilities and/or cost a lot of time and money. Using the NExS platform allows anyone to create a web app in 4 easy steps.


1. Create a spreadsheet.

Use your favorite Spreadsheet editor to create the logic, functionality, formatting and layout you desire in an app.

You can modify this example to create your first app, or create your own from scratch.

2. Upload to the NExS Platform

Once you have logged in to our platform page, select create new app. Create a name for your app and then select which spreadsheet you would like to upload and Click Edit Views.

3. Configure the views of your App

Chose which cells you would like to be editable in your app.  The platform will ask you which cells you would like to add to the editable list.  Select the cells you want and then OK. You can preview and make any changes you need.  Once you are happy select save and continue.

4. Deploy your app.

Once you are satisfied with the look and functionality of your app, Press the Deploy Now Button. As soon as your app is deployed, a hyperlink and embed code will show up and you can insert into your website.