Tutorial : Create and Deploy a New web App

This tutorial will walk you through creating a simple mortgage analyzer web app from an Excel spreadsheet. You can access the spreadsheet we're using here, and try the actual mortgage analyzer web app we've built here. Feel free to download the spreadsheet and try it yourself!



1, Click Create a New App.

2, Fill in the form.

3, Give your application a name and choose an Excel .xlsx file to upload.

4, Click Next to begin creating your app.

You're now ready to begin creating the views that will define your web app.  

A view is a block of cells in your spreadsheet that your app users are allowed to see. You can make some cells within a view editable, which means app users can change their values and see the calculated results, just as they would on your actual spreadsheet. For convenience, we've colored the cells we want to make editable yellow.



1, Click OK in the upper right to create your first view. We'll call this view Mortgage variables.

2, Set the cells to put in this view. To set a range, click on the first cell in a cell range.

3, Click OK to set the view boundary. This defines a range of viewable cells, and the range becomes outlined.

Next we need to set the editable cells.

1, Start by selecting the first yellow cell in the upper section of the view.

2, Select the last yellow cell in the range.

3, Click OK button to set the highlighted cells as editable. The editable cells become highlighted in green.


Create a second view to show the results.

1, Go under the View menu and select Create New View.

2, Give the view a name. Let's call it 10 Year Analysis.

3, Repeat the procedure to set the viewable range of cells by selecting cell E6 (the upper left corner of the range of cells we want users to view).

4, Click on cell J17 to select the entire range.

5, Click OK button to set the view boundary.

We have defined our second view. This view will simply be used to display the results of changing the mortgage variables.

6, Click the Preview your App to see what it will look like to users.

This is the app preview. You can see there are two tabs, one called "Mortgage variables" and one called "10 year analysis" for the two views.


Click on one of the editable cells to change its value.


Notice that the rest of the cells update with the new calculated results.  (Change a yellow cell and note the payment.)


On the Result tab notice the result values, calculated from our inputs on the first view.


Press the back button on your browser. Then go to the next step by pressing the "Configure App Access" button.


Notice the three options: Open Access, Individual Login, and Team Login.


Open Access lets anyone with the link access the spreadsheet. If you choose this option, there are no further options to configure.


Individual login only allows the individuals listed access to the app, and gives each user their own copy. Enter users' email addresses here to give them access


Team login allows the listed users access, but gives everyone access to the same copy of the app, allowing users to share data. Enter users' email addresses here to give them access.


Press Review and Deploy to go to the review page where you can see the details of your app before it's deployed and published.



Share it.


Once your app is published, you can take the LIVE link (highlighted in green) and share it with others so they can use your new app.