Welcome to NExS - Network Extended Spreadsheets.

Upload your spreadsheet to build a web application. 
No programming required.


Think of all the spreadsheets that you create and share with others. Imagine the benefits of converting your spreadsheets to web applications:

  • Easily share your spreadsheet's functionality.
  • Control who has access to your app.
  • Protect your spreadsheet's logic.
  • Only manage one copy of your spreadsheet.
  • Download all of your app's data at any time.

To create a web application with NExS:

  1. Upload your spreadsheet.
  2. Configure your new web application.
  3. Share the web address of your new web application.

NExS is Fast and Scalable.

  • All web app calculations are executed quickly.
  • The NExS cloud can support many users of many apps with no noticeable loss of performance.

NExS Provides Access to Your Data.

  • It's easy to download the aggregate data generated from your app.
  • Your data is always available.

NExS Supports Three Types of Web Applications.

Open Access

  • Any user can access your app.
  • Users' data are not saved.

Individual Login

  • Provide access to individual users.
  • Users only see their own data.

Team Login

  • Provide access to a team of users.
  • The team can use your app to collaborate.