Welcome to NExS – Network Extended Spreadsheets.

Upload your spreadsheet to build a web application. 
No programming required.


Think of all the spreadsheets that you create and share with others. Imagine the benefits of converting your spreadsheets to web applications:

  • Easily share your spreadsheet's functionality.
  • Control who has access to your app.
  • Protect your spreadsheet's logic.
  • Only manage one copy of your spreadsheet.
  • Download all of your app's data at any time.

    It's easy to create a web application with NExS.

    1. Upload your spreadsheet.
    2. Configure your new web application.
    3. Share the web address of your new web application.
    4. Download your data at any time.

    NExS is Fast and Scalable.

    • All web app calculations are executed quickly.
    • The NExS cloud can support many users of many apps with no noticeable loss of performance.

    NExS Provides Access to Your Data.

    • It's easy to download the aggregate data generated from your app.
    • Your data is always available.

    NExS Supports Three Types of Web Applications.


    Open Access

    • Any user can access your app.
    • Users' data are not saved.

    Individual Login

    • Provide access to individual users.
    • Users only see their own data.

    Team Login

    • Provide access to a team of users.
    • The team can use your app to collaborate.